Secrets to saving at Starbucks

Less Money, More Latte

We all need our caffeine, and for a lot of us only Starbucks will do. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm addicted to the Starbucks experience. There's something about ordering a no foam, half caf, double pump soy latte and proudly walking down the street with Starbucks cup in hand. It makes me almost not mind throwing down $5.00 a cup, almost.

Thankfully, there are some quick and easy ways to get your fix and save some money too:

1) Download the Starbucks app

This free app can be linked to your PayPal account and automatically registers you for the Starbucks reward program. Once you achieve gold status, you start earning free drinks, flavor shots and delicious treats. As an added bonus, you will receive alerts about promotions as well as free music and app downloads. AND, you get a free drink on your birthday, which in my option, worth the effort of downloading.

2) Free refills

Another perk to the Starbucks app -- after you've received 5 stars, you can ask for a free refill. Just remember to do this before you leave the store

3) Take advantage of the treat receipt

If you drink more than one cup of coffee a day, make sure to keep track of when Starbucks offers treat receipts or happy hours. This promotion gets you half price drinks typically from 2-5pm. Be sure to ask the cashier even if you don't have a receipt, customer service is extremely important and they will most likely extend you the discount.

4) Downsize your cup

Did you know that Starbucks offers an 8-ounce size called a short? Of course you didn't, this is one of Starbucks best kept secrets. The best part, you get the same amount of caffeine at a cheaper price!

5) Go green

Bringing your own mug into Starbucks will save you 10 cents on every cup. You can even purchase an eco-friendly version of their cup for $1.

6) Skip the ice

Ask for no or very little ice when ordering your iced drink - which simply gets you more coffee in the cup.

Do you have insider information about how to get even more saving

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