Those wacky Oreo flavors you keep seeing: A complete guide

You won't believe some of these exist.

The Oreo:

Launched in 1912.

Oreo Double Stuf

60 years later (1974), they gave the people what they wanted, more Stuf.

Double Stuf cool mint creme

It's not "stuff" its "Stuf"!

Mega Stuf

Apparently in 2013, they decided double the stuf wasn't enough "stuf"

Chocolate Creme Oreo

Chocolate in the middle too! A fully Chocolate Oero!

Golden Oreos

...and a full vanilla one! The all golden oeros have a yellow package and the chocolate have blue. Got it? good. theres a quiz later.

Double Stuf Golden Oreos

In double Stuf too!.

Golden Chocolate Oreos

If you put chocolate in the middle of that you get a "reverse oreo".

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