10 easy ways to save money on your vacation

Tips for making your vacation more affordable

Too many people skip vacations because they assume it costs too much money to get away. With some creative planning, saving money on vacation can be easy. Here are 10 great ways to make your vacation a reality:

1. Download apps that help you save

Apps that show local deals can help with everything from parking to last-minute hotel reservations. Spothero has an app that will let you find the best parking deals. Want to have a drink or grab some pub grub? Thehappyhourfinder will point you to the nearest happy hour at the time.

2. Consider multi-use passes

Want to explore the sights of a city? Try picking up a tourist attraction pass for one or several days, such as the New York CityPass, good for about 80 locations.

3. Grocery shop

Load up on easy to carry snacks that can help stretch mealtimes, and try buying at a local grocery store instead of going to a restaurant for every meal.

4. Plan meals

Take advantage of a continental breakfast if your hotel offers one. If it doesn't, you're better off not dining at your hotel. For lunch, consider a late lunch at a buffet. A big lunch can be augmented by smaller breakfasts and dinners.

5. Public transportation vs. rental car

Rental cars often come with hidden expenses. If public transportation won't do, try to rent a car away from the airport to avoid pricey toll fees.

6. Research destinations

When it comes to saving money on vacation, a little research can go along way. Look at the websites for any destinations or events you're interested in for specials or free appreciation days.

7. Search for coupons

Look through coupon sites like yaysavings.com to find great deals, and also take a glance at some of the social networking sites for specials in the place you'll be visiting.

8. Take advantage of all perks, points, and miles

Sign up for frequent flyer mile plans, even if you don't fly that often. Look at perks offered for the cards you are carrying. For example, Bank of America has a program that will get cardholders free museum admission one weekend a month.

9. Travel the shoulder seasons

You can save a lot of money by missing the peak season. Hit the transition times - the shoulder seasons - when destinations are still attractive but prices are lower.

10. Clear your search history

Websites will look at where you have traveled before and how much you were willing to pay. They will adjust their offers accordingly.

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