how to make sure you get the best deals this holiday season

The biggest issue for holiday shoppers is the constant "Black Friday" deals that start way before the actually day. Walmart plans on starting these deals TODAY (November 3 just in case you're reading this a couple days late), four whole weeks before black Friday. You can bet other retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Office Max are going to follow suit.

So the big question is, how can you be sure that the "Black Friday" deal you chose to purchase is really the best deal you can get?

We at Yaysavings are here to help with some tips for surviving the season of Black Fridays:

1) Shop online

Retailers know that more and more people are going online to do their holiday shopping, in fact, they are predicting an 11% increase in online sales. To do this, they are offering some great deals online. This is where your Yaysavings.com membership is really going to come in handy. In our daily emails we will be sure to highlight the "Black Friday" sales so you are the first to know, and first to save.

2) Save your receipts

If you're like me and like to shop early, this is a critical strategy to use. Many stores have price match policies for up to two weeks after purchase, so you can be sure to get the best deal. I actually used this tip last week. I bought some items at Thelimited.com using a yaysavings coupon code for 40% off. To my surprise, the next day they offered 50% off. I immediately called customer service and they extended me the higher discount. That was an addition savings of over $30!! Bonus Yaysavings member tip: if the store doesn't have a price match policy, you can always use your receipt to return the item and purchase it again at the lower price.

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