6 Unconventional Places to Score Coupons

Savings can come from the least expected places.

We know our yaysavings.com members know all the best places to find coupons - right here (and by using the tactics we talk about in our blog of course). We have found new places that go beyond the traditional savings channels that are sure to help you become a Yaysavings ninja.....

Cozy up to the Live Chat Operator

Saying please and thank you can equal big savings when asking a live chat operator if there are any deals they can give you on your order. The key is to be polite and non-assuming. It's amazing how many online stores provide their operators with coupon codes to hand out. Just don't be afraid to ask!

Don't check out right away

We've talked about all the benefits of abandoning your cart in a previous blog post. If you haven't tried it, you absolutely should - it can equal serious savings.

Get social with your favorite retailers

The majority of retailers are using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to stay in touch with their loyal customer base. That means handing out coupons and insider tips about upcoming sales and promotions. So definitely hit that like button.

Become a "regular" at your favorite stores

Get to know a store employee or two at your favorite stores. This especially works at home improvement stores like Home Depot. I've also had success at my local Gap and supermarket. Also, don't be shy and ask your check out person if there are any deals or special promotions going on. You'll be thrilled at the savings or insider information they will share because you're a familiar face.

Inside packages like cereal and cinnamon rolls

You might think I'm having a bit of nostalgia, but I checked the cereal boxes that are currently in my pantry and it still rings true. I also checked the inside of my crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls and was pleasantly surprised to find coupons on the other side of the labels too!

Back of your receipt

This is another place you might not think to look - the back of your shopping receipt. I've gotten some great coupons on the back of my Shoprite, Walmart and Walgreens receipts. So turn those puppies over before you toss them.

Do you have a covert place that you find coupons? Share it with us below!!

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